SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the process of improving your website’s visibility on search engines such as Google, by moving your website up in the search engine results. SEO services focus on how search engines like Google work by examining computer-programmed algorithms, user searches, keyword phrases, and target audiences. These factors all affect search engine behavior.

Digital marketing agencies like ADVAN are skilled in moving the needle on your SEO rankings with an arsenal of SEO strategies.

One of the main targets of SEO is unpaid traffic, also known as organic traffic/results. Organic traffic comes from real consumers searching for your products or company. These can come in the form of image search, video search, academic search, news search, or industry-specific searches. The other important factor is that organic traffic is free, and not paid for.

Paid traffic comes in the form of paid ads. Website owners can pay to have their website display first on Google for certain keywords or phrases. Paid ads are usually listed above the organic search results. When you think about your own Google searches, you most likely skip the ads at the top. SEO is all about ranking high for the organic search results first.

While you may have the best-looking website on the market, without SEO services, traffic isn’t going to be driven to your website. And without organic search results, consumers can’t find your website. SEO is all about visibility, and therefore, it needs to be constantly maintained.

You need an effective monthly SEO strategy to push your website towards the #1 spot on Google. Lucky for you, here at ADVAN, we have our ‘secret sauce” for monthly SEO strategies. SEO services are worth your time and investment to promote your business and be the leader in your industry.

  • SEO has the best ROI of any marketing practice
  • Compared to hiring a salesperson, who you’d have to pay a full-time salary, benefits, etc., SEO sells your brand daily all over the internet for a fraction of the price
  • For a committed monthly investment, you can skyrocket sales like never before.

The main difference between traditional and digital marketing is the medium through which consumers encounter the message. Traditional marketing includes print media like billboards, magazines, newspapers, and even commercials. The term “traditional” doesn’t mean old-schooled or out-of-date. In today’s immersive digital world, it’s important to employ strong and persuasive traditional marketing messages.

Digital marketing gives businesses the ability to reach customers in their everyday online browsing.  As mentioned, we live in an immersive digital world. While it’s important to find relief in traditional print marketing, digital marketing cleverly weaves its way into every part of your digital consumption. In today’s world, consumers can be reached faster on their phones and computers.

Traditional and digital marketing build off of each other, and both are necessary for successful marketing. Digital marketing services such as SEO help to continuously boost your site in search engine results.